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Building for Orphans

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Pizzini Kids Foundation

As a creative mother daughter duo, Jaq and Janie Pizzini are building for orphans while beautifying homes of urban folk. We were blown away by their passion, so much that we couldn’t keep their stories to ourselves. Check out URBANwell Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 4 to read more, and continue scrolling for the Q&A.

Sign by Pizzini Kids FoundationQ & A

Tell us about Pizzini Kids Foundation. All my life, I grew up doing mission trips. I liked the construction or painting projects. I was never a ‘stay inside’ type of girl and I never thought I would be kid oriented until I went over to Russia to work with orphans. At 19, if I could’ve been a mom, I would’ve been. And, to a lot of kiddos. That’s when I realized I definitely wanted to work with orphans.

Before starting Pizzini Kids Foundation, I had graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship and a minor in social work, but I was still bartending. One day, I came home and my mom was in the garage with an old school rusted saw. That’s how it all started.

She wanted to make things to sell in order to support missionaries. She had found some projects on Pinterest – I didn’t even know what Pinterest was – and she looked pretty awkward. So, I took the tools and helped her out. I built the sign and stained it. Then she added the froufrou.

We started an online shop and experimented with our social media presence. We raised some money for missions and we kept making signs. From that moment on, whatever I made from bartending went straight into the business. We upgraded from hammers to nail guns. Each time I purchased a new tool it felt our life was changing.

One night, I came home from bartending and drew up a business plan. I knew I had to make some hard choices. I shared my plans with my parents. I had two options: move out and buy a house or stay home and start a business. My parents were 100% supportive and they were 100% helping. From day one, my mom has been working by my side. My dad helps to clean up the workshop.

God has shown us the different talents each of us have. I build things and mom makes it pretty. I would’ve never guessed woodworking, I didn’t even know I had this talent. I think what I have comes from my grandpa. He was a woodworker. When I came into this, he had  passed away. I wasn’t able to share it with him, but I know he’s definitely pumped and smiling down on us.

Janie, can you tell us about your motto? Jaq came up with it. We take something old and and make it into something new –  like Jesus does to our hearts. He takes our old, nasty, ugly heart, and makes it into something new. Before this became our work, I was praying to the Lord, “Give me something that I’m able to speak about you.” So, my creativity is part of that. When I’m at Hobby Lobby with a stack of letters, someone will ask, “What are you doing with all of that?” I get to say, “Well, let me tell you…” and people are blown away by all God has done.

Pizzini Kids Foundation

Jaq, how does it feel to be a business owner? I never thought I’d have a family business, but what a blessing in disguise. It turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened. If I didn’t live back at home, I would’ve never saw my mom making that sign in the garage. I wouldn’t have experienced what God was doing in her heart. Seeing my mom be faithful to God ended up helping me along in my journey. She led my heart.

Tell us about the paint parties. We come to you, and we have a minimum of 10 people at $40 per person. It is up to the host to provide food and drinks. It can be as fancy, or simple as you want. We always end up so happy afterward. People love being able to create, enjoy fellowship, and know it helps orphans. We are blessed to get to know other people and share our story at the paint parties – it really becomes a community experience. It’s about touching souls and sharing the good news.

At the paint party, I noticed you add a final mark to each piece.  What’s that about? We try to add scripture on every single piece and we pray over them, too. Through our work, we hope to serve orphans, but we also want to work in domestic ways. We hope and pray when you see that bible verse, it prompts you to read it. God can do millions of things with  one verse. It  takes one little seed to be planted. We pray that God will take it, ignite it, and light a fire. Then, it’s all worth it. That’s really why we do what we do. It’s all to glorify Him.

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