Moving Forward with Pascal Miller

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I was born in Fort Worth, Texas; grew up on a poor side of town where going outside wasn’t safe. My father was arrested when I was three weeks old, leaving my mother to take care of my six siblings and I – my youngest brother has down’s syndrome. This task was stressful for her, especially since we were very poor like everyone else at the time, sometimes eating only beans and bread three meals a day.

My mom contracted cancer in 2002 when I was only five years old. The severity of the virus at the time, I didn’t know. I was too young. However, I would soon learn the fatal abilities that cancer contains. Time moved forward, the sickness stayed, it spread. She’d go to chemo therapy — twice a week — and still the illness grew. She was sent to the hospital. Almost every day I tried visiting her which meant, being a home-schooled kid at the time, no schoolwork. Her health conditions worsened and she would soon lose her ability to walk. On October 31, 2007, I was woke by my sister — she took care of us while our mom was in the hospital — and was taken to see my mom. That morning she decided to stop taking her medicine, the pain was too much, and that day, October 32, 11:00 am, I watched her take her last breath.

The Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services in Waxahachie took us in after this tragedy. My siblings and I today still live here and here we were taught how to be independent. Here taught me how to take care of myself.

Living in a new place, no mother, did not start easy, but I learned this was the best place I could possibly live. I got involved in school activities and church. I went on several mission trips within Texas with them and learned how fortunate it is to have shelter, food and clothing. After my freshman year of high school I got a job and ever since have worked 25 to 30 hours each week. I have owned 4 vehicles since my first job (all of which I have paid for). I have always valued my education which has helped me earn excellent grades. I have been in all dual credit and AP classes since freshman year and have excelled in each of them. I graduated thirteenth from Waxahachie High School out of four-hundred and thirty-eight other students in my senior class. In high school I was involved in several extracurricular activities including cross country, track, football, National Honors Society, AP science club, Interact Club, amongst others. I also completed over one-hundred and seventy volunteer hours during those years.

I plan to attend the University of Texas at Austin to obtain a mechanical engineering degree. I excel in math (And really enjoy doing it!). My brother-in- law is an engineer; he inspired me to go into this field of study.

After college I plan to get a job that involves my field of expertise where I can excel and hopefully move up in the business quickly. Along with my career after college I want to dive into real estate, a side job. My childhood was rough, the money was little, not much to do, and I dream of my children doing the things I never got to.

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