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Are there certain people groups or causes that tug at your heart? What do you do about it? You don’t have to go to Africa, march on Capitol Hill or join the Peace Corps to make a difference. There are over 250 nonprofits in Ellis County needing volunteers to accomplish their mission, perhaps the same mission that motivates you to act.


The mission of FirstLook pregnancy help clinic, to save lives and offer the hope of Jesus Christ, compelled the hearts of volunteers Charles and Judy to act. “We had a situation in our extended family that I know would have turned out better if a faith-based organization like FirstLook had been available to educate them about their parenting options and help with the decision-making process,” explains Charles. Judy describes her passion for the mission this way, “We’re not doing what Christ called us to do if we don’t address the culture’s belief that women’s reproductive organs have more rights than babies.”

Charles volunteers at FirstLook Boutique in Waxahachie, and loves that the volunteers truly understand that their hard work creates revenue to support the clinic and save lives. Judy volunteers as a Client Coordinator, serving the clients at the clinic by listening, encouraging and sharing parenting options with them. Charles and Judy’s favorite thing about volunteering is being a part of a family where all are working for the same mission.

Whether your heart is drawn towards serving men and women with unplanned pregnancies, feeding the homeless, tutoring children, or whatever it may be, take the opportunity to give back. Not only financially, but give of your time.Volunteers are not just merely financial donors, they are people passionately engaged in mission.

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To join FirstLook’s family by volunteering, please email info@firstlookclinic.com.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section]

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