Living Life With A Purpose

Living Life With Purpose

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Living Life With A Purpose

It’s funny how the world can see us one way and we see ourselves in another. Take me for example. With 15-18 hour work days, creating healthy lifestyles for my clients, a family and a God given purpose to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible, I’m often looked at as “having it together” or making it “seem easy.” I assure you, nothing in my life is easy, especially at 3:20 am when my alarm goes off.

For me, it’s not about the time or even the sacrifice. It’s about being “All In” to what I’m called to do. I cannot be a servant, in any form, if I’m not spiritually and physically fit to do so. Being “All In” is a matter of the heart. It’s about believing that our life is best utilized by serving others such as those we love and even more importantly, our God. Once we establish our heart is where it needs to be, then it’s about making the choice that we’re all worthy of an “All In” commitment.

Several of my clients arrive as early as 4:30am. Like faith, they can see the end of the path from a distance, but until they place one foot in front of the other they never have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to reach it. It’s only when they step out in faith that they’re able to reach a place that God knew existed all along. The most amazing testimony of all is watching each of them excel! Does that mean they are all fit to audition for Ninja Warrior? Maybe not, but they are all fit to live out their own purpose. Excellence is not perfection, it’s doing the best you can with what you have at a given moment. It’s about embracing opportunity, being “All In” on the path you’ve been given.

Exercising and healthy eating can be challenging, but it’s a matter of choice. My challenge to you is to choose to be “All In” . In doing so, I believe you’ll find that your ability to excel in all of your endeavors will surpass what you thought was ever possible.

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