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As a young boy, Scotty Rigby’s favorite book included an illustration of a young boy who lived in the country near a train. Scotty couldn’t have guessed – even in his wildest dreams – that one day he would own a bit of country with a train and a river and so much more. It all started when he launched into business, founding Silverado Lawn and Landscaping followed by Rigsby’s Garden Center.

How did you get into your line of business? My degree is in Finance. I went into banking when I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University for several years and then appraised real estate for several years. I did a few other things that just did not click with me until I started listening to Neil Sperry, a local radio gardening celebrity. I was so impressed with his passion, experience and knowledge that it became my passion. Of course, I do believe that it was in God’s plan to take me there at the right time and when I was ready. I would not have been ready before. I have taught my boys and as many young people as I can that if you truly find your passion and do what you love, you not only will never work a day in your life, you will fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life. He will not give you anything to do that He has not already equipped you to do!

What lessons has your landscaping business taught you? Well, I certainly believe that the lessons I’m being given are from the Lord, most notably patience! The landscape business has taught me a real sense of love and concern for the environment and this place on earth where I live my life. It has taught me to really enjoy landscapes in other parts of the world and why things can grow where they do. It has taught me to persevere and to not give up. It has taught me that if you love what you do, you want to learn as much about it as possible and you can’t help but become really good at. So good that you can help people with the problems they are having that are landscape related. It has taught me that what I do, what God has given me to do is really necessary and a real benefit to society!

What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome as a business owner? There are so many obstacles to overcome as a small business owner. Our governments, local and federal, make it very difficult to operate a business successfully and profitably. But I would say the biggest obstacle I have had to overcome is my fear of failure. I have to give credit to the Lord of course, but I would not have taken the next big step in purchasing the nursery property and spending the money and the time to bring it to fruition without my wife. She is fearless when it comes to that and she has the utmost confidence in me. Why, I don’t know, but she does. She (and the Lord) is my strength!

How has your faith guided you around those obstacles? I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I could not have gotten around those obstacles without the Lord’s intervention and guidance! I’m really not that smart. I had a vision, also molded by the Lord, but a lot of the obstacles I did not see coming. Through prayer, faith and works we were guided around those obstacles…and that is ongoing. There are obstacles every day.

As a business owner, are you able to share your hope and faith with others in the community? Whom have you talked about to about Christ? Absolutely, that is WHY I am in business! The Lord expects us to work and provide for our families and others, but I think what He expects the most is that we share our faith and the hope of more to come, because of Jesus, with anyone and everyone we come in contact with. I just happen to be able to do it while I work and with my work. There is always an opportunity to share your faith with others if it’s foremost in your mind. I have the opportunity to talk to customers, and of course my employees about Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit and what they have done for me and how they work in my life.

What did you say? What was their response? Most of the time they respond in kind and have a story or testimony to share with me. It becomes just a time to praise the Lord for what He has done in our lives. There’s really some amazing stories out there of what others have gone through and how God has gotten them through it. Sometimes, they don’t comment, so I don’t know what they are thinking. But, that doesn’t matter, the seed is planted and they hear my story. 

How did you find such an amazing piece of the country just outside of Midlothian, TX? God showed it to me and gave me courage and encouragement to pursue it. It had been for sale for 5 or more years and the sign was worn out and surrounded by trees and weeds. I drove by it probably a thousand times and because it was basically on highway 287 and approximately 17 acres, I thought there was no way I could afford it. I had been looking for about three years for a piece of property to buy because my business was growing and I wanted a retail location. There were actually two or three that I pursued but they didn’t work out because God was making me wait. It is an amazing property. More than I ever dreamed of and as you said in your introduction….it looks exactly like the picture in a book I read as a boy….exactly. It brings tears to my eyes now even as I say it! I told the seller what God had put on my heart to do with the property and my business and he lowered his price by almost 50% and financed it. That just does not happen very often!

What is your vision for Rigby’s Garden Center? My vision is being molded every day. It’s just amazing and a true testament to what God can do….in His time! I want Rigsby’s Garden Center to be a destination garden center where people can just hang out and enjoy the outdoors…in the city. My vision for the future includes…are you ready? LOL We are already planning and building an outdoor area in the woods, by the creek to host events, primarily weddings. We’ve recently cleared an area of trees and planted St. Augustine grass. It is surrounded by trees that are 100 – 200 year old trees. Adjacent to this area, directly on the creek edge, we will build a deck that will be available for events, but also as a prayer garden. We are already a retail plant nursery and gift shop (remodeling the 100 year old farm house). We have a fantastic, professional photographer on staff who is already booked with clients wanting photos taken on the property. Future plans include a petting zoo, tea room or cafe and a hiking trail that goes around the perimeter of the property that I hope to develop into an arboretum type setting for people to enjoy. If it’s the Lord’s will, we plan to build our final residence on the property. I just found out recently that the North Central Texas Council of Governments plans to continue Getzendaner trail (aka Midlothian Waxahachie Regional Trail) parallel to the railroad running along the back of our property opening us up to so many other things! Included in the vision of it all is just a place where people can work with other people that are working for the Lord first. They, and our customers can just feel the presence of Lord. I have already been told by several believers that when they are here, they in fact, do!

How do you #LIVEURBANWELL? You and all of the staff there at UrbanWell are really helping me live urban well. You have helped me remember why we are here and you have been so instrumental in allowing me to tell my story. Please, take some credit for that! I live urban well just by getting to work and live where I do. Rigsby’s Garden Center is in the city limits of Midlothian, but when you come here you feel like you are in another, quiet, peaceful world…helping to slow your pace and enjoy the moment…the journey that we’re all on together! It constantly reminds of what all I have to praise the Lord for! To Him be the glory!

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