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In Volume 3, Issue 3, we interviewed Sonny and Kay Sides as our Ministry Spotlight. We loved hearing their story and became instant friends.

Sonny and Kay are humble people who are instinctively inclined to help people. They used to live on a sailboat in the Caribbean. While immersed in the local culture, they realized that many of the indigenous elderly strained to see the intricate handicrafts they made to earn a living. In response, Sonny and Kay simply began collecting eyeglasses to meet unspoken needs.

In the same way, Sonny and Kay learned about the hunger issues present in Ellis County. Hunger is largely an unspoken problem, especially for families with children. In response to current needs, Sonny and Kay built “The Little Pantry” alongside their yard, located just behind Taco Casa in Waxahachie, Texas.

Not only do they benefit from high visibility provided by Taco Casa, they have an amazing neighborhood community that pitches in on a consistent basis. As it turns out, teamwork is essential to managing The Little Pantry.

Sonny helps stock the pantry and monitor the video security system. Kay updates the The Little Pantry Facebook Group. It’s a much needed support group that inspire Sonny and Kay every day.

While we interviewed Sonny and Kay, several people stopped by to restock The Little Pantry. In addition to the individuals who pitch in, The Little Pantry is currently receiving donations from food providers. In the span of one week, The Little Pantry will provide an entire commercial rack of bread for people who are in need of help.

Sonny and Kay were hesitant to begin naming the people and organizations that have helped out in various ways. There have been so many that they are afraid of leaving someone out! Even so, more helping hands and donations are always needed, and appreciated.

Little Pantry Map for Waxahachie, Texas


During our interview, Sonny and Kay asked us to spotlight the other food pantries that have organically emerged around Ellis county. If you are inclined to pitch in, start by choosing a local food pantry near you. In Sonny’s words, “It doesn’t have to be The Little Pantry.” Choose any pantry in any neighborhood to support. Not only will you enjoy the rewards of helping out, you’ll be welcomed into thriving communities of urban folk who care about making a difference.


∆ 304 West 5th Street (Behind Taco Casa)
∆ 401 West Main St (The Sticker Place)
∆ 205 North Monroe St (Little Chief Car Wash)
∆ 108 Center St (Ferris Heights Methodist Church)
∆ 200 West Marvin Ave (The Daily Light)
∆ 621 North Grand Ave (Waxahachie Bible Church)
∆ 232 Patrick St (Central Presbyterian Church, Bethlehem Revisited)


∆ 211 7th St

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