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This is a sneak peek at our email newsletter.

Why? Because people rarely enjoy reading email newsletters, but we hope to be different.

Why? Because our email newsletter is written by real people, not bots.

Why? These real people – let’s call them urban folk – enjoy connecting with other urban folk, like you.

Why? Once connected as a tribe of urban folk, we can help our community #LiveUrbanWell.

Why? Because it’s time for boots-on-the-ground movement towards work that matters. Supporting small businesses, nonprofits, charities and churches. Distributing food to the hungry. Providing scholarships. Mentoring social entrepreneurs. Doing good stuff like that.

And there you have it – a sneak peak at our email newsletter using the “5 Why Method.” It’s a technique used by designers to solve problems. Hmmm. What would happen if we used The 5 Why Method to identify business objectives? Define nonprofit mission statements? Evaluate charitable activities?

It’s something to think about in our quest to #LiveUrbanWell.

With Love,

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