Paws of Reflection Ranch

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Paws For Reflection Ranch all began with a God-inspired vision in January 2004. 

As Melode recounted, “I had just woke up with this vision, and I just saw completely this whole ranch … including the name.” 

After Stan came home from work that day, Melode shared her vision with her husband and immediately Stan was enthusiastically on board. 

It took three years, but the Seremets finally found and purchased that special place God intended them to have and, not surprisingly, it matched a drawing Melode had sketched from her vision. PAWS for Reflection Ranch opened for business in 2007. It provides services by “partnering therapists with animals to heal mind, body, and spirit.”

Today it offers a wide range of services to its clients including, Ranch Wranglers (education programs, field trips for children with special needs), Paws to Reflect (equine/animal assisted counseling, traditional counseling, substance abuse counseling), Ranch Riders (therapeutic horseback riding), Boots of Honor (free services for honorably discharged veterans), Harmony in the Herd (team building events for businesses and organizations), Ranch Round Up (senior citizen programs, community special events), and Developmental Therapy. Their clients range in age from young children to senior citizens.

The Ranch is a “Kingdom Business”.  Stan and Melode say they have given the company to the Lord, but all of its services are secular. 

The Seremets believe in something they refer to as “The Ranch Magic” – the special feeling people get when they come through the gates, but The Ranch is more than a feeling. Lives have been changed.

Stan recalls the story of a veteran who asked the Seremets if his wedding ceremony could take place at The Ranch, because he said that this was the place that saved his life.  Although The Ranch does not typically facilitate weddings, the Seremets said, “Yes,” to the vet’s request. 

PAWS for Reflection Ranch is a special place. Stan’s and Melode’s dream is to provide a serene and caring environment where one can take a break from the busy day-to-day world to ‘pause, reflect, heal, and grow’.”

Photography provided by Dr. Jerome Stewart.

Jerome Stewart