Greg and Ginger Compton are the owners of Compton’s Cleaning and Restoration. Most folks in Ellis County have passed by their brick-and-mortar store at some point. Greg and Ginger office in a tidy house–of course they do–with a welcoming front porch. It’s surrounded by beautiful landscaping and quaint features including a pair of sunglass wearing lions.

From this home base, Greg and Ginger coordinate teams of hardworking folk who do the gritty work of life–the janitorial work. Cleansing. Scrubbing. Disinfecting. Restoring.

They tackle every mess with a commitment to excellence–wine stains to fire damage–and they love their work.

In Greg’s words, “It’s been an honor to serve this community.”

It’s our honor to recommend the Compton’s as a small business worth supporting.